Commercial Sentinel – Standard & Non-Standard Sizes

Durable molded polypropelene mat on nitrile rubber backing with a rough texture  to help scrape off dirt.  Mats are fully edged unless they are placed into a recess.  Suitable for front and back entrances and in dirt, grit and moisture problem areas.  Sentinel can be vacuumed,  hosed down and drip dried.  Various colours available.  Standards & non standard sizes.


100% nitrile rubber with chevron pattern which acts as a scraper and is skid resistant.  Suitable for kitchens,  heavy traffic areas, heat, cold , acid and alkaline exposure.  Hose down to wash. Standard sizes  and available in black only.

Superstar / Anti-Fatigue

A 100% nitrile rubber mat resistant to moisture, oils, acids and alkali. Suitable for people standing in one place for long hours – eg cashiers, machine operators etc.  It also acts as an insulation for the feet from cold and hard surfaces.

Standard sizes only:

0.75m x 0.9m

1.5m x 0.9m

3.0m x 0.9m

Graphic Inlay Plain Colours

Cut pile nylon on nitrile rubber backing available in different colours. Suitable for office entrances and in front of busy office areas such as reception and coffee stations to avoid wear and tear of carpets or tiles. Choose the colour suitable for your requirements.

Midnight-grey Nylon mat

A cutpile solution dyed nylon mat with nitrile rubber backing and edging that traps moisture, dust and granular dirt.  Suitable for corridors, kitchens, entrances,  back doors, dirty and moist areas.  Wash and drip dry.

Black/Grey cotton mat

Sometimes called a grease mat and is made to soak up oils, fat and cooking grease as well as moisture.  The excellent absorption properties of cotton, means that the mat quickly becomes dirty and for this reason needs to be cleaned /washed regularly.

Wayfarer Custom

PVC loop mat with vinyl heavy duty backing suitable for outdoor use. Shake off dirt, hose and allow to air dry.  Available in two widths – .90mm and 1.20mm wide. Cut length available. Rolls of 12.30m long. Available as either edged or un-edged, extra cost for edging.

Rubber Sheet Products

Natural black rubber sheeting with either chequer, diamond or round patterns.  Comes in widths of 1.00m and 1.48m.