Spring is here!   When cleaning your floors and carpets why not put down one of our mats in the areas Spring is here

that one can see that has been badly worn and have dirt marks.  This way one can save

on having to re-tile or re-carpet your flooring.

The staff at GRAPHIC MATS are here to advise you.

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Dirt and moisture trapping mat

Dirt and moisture trapping mat

Jetprint runner with logo

Jetprint runner with logo

For wet days or where people walk from the outside into a foyer, we recommend the Midnight- Grey dirt trapping mat . This  will help dry the walk in moisture or help take the dust off people shoes walking into  the premises.  We can also make runners with your corporate logo or with a graphic design or text.




Thank-you for visiting the updated Graphic Mats  website.  Sharon, Lauren and Chookie are always here to help you with any queries.  If you need someone to visit your premises we will gadly be of assistance.   We carry a large range of plain floor mats to branded logo mats for dry and wet areas.  Mats can be placed on  tiles or carpets.

Mats are not only needed for front entrances – but  for coffee/water stations, kitchen areas in front of fridges and wash up areas,  back doors and in areas where there is wear and tear  eg. at  reception and in front of the copy/fax machine.  Mats are also used to  protect  your tiles and carpets where there is a high level of traffic.  In these areas we would recommend the rubber backed Midnight Grey mat which will absorb moisture and also act as a dirt trapping mat.

Fitting of Entrance X-grip Mat with Graphics

For the rainy season we would recommend that you check out your slippery and wet areas. Mats can carry messages such as “Slippery when wet”.  It would be recommended that you use an outside mat (Wayfarer or X-Grip) to knock off dirt and then inside a mat to absorb  moisture – either Sentinel, Midnight-Grey or a Jet Print Mat.


Please do not hesitate to call Sharon, Lauren or Chookie with any queries.

Have a great day!


Fitting an Entrance X-Grip with a Jet Print Mat.